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                Moments to Replenish Your Soul - 36 Inspirational messages        

"If you are looking for a book that is honest and forthright, one that plumbs the depths of life and shows how other women of faith have come to grips with the same kind of challenges your face, this book is for you." - Huldah Buntain                    

A women's devotional book compiled by Lillian Sparks and Peggy Horn with a foreword by Huldah Buntain.  All contributing authors are respected women who are viewed as godly leaders with vision and insight.  We are thrilled to tell you that Mona is one of the contributing authors. Other writers include: Mary Ann Cole wife of Rev. Glen Cole, Assemblies of God District Superintendent of Northern California and Nevada, Peggy Horn, national outreach coordinator of the Convoy of Hope and wife of Rev. Ken Horn, managing editor of the Pentecostal Evangel magazine, Doris Johnson, widow of missionary Dr. Bernhard Johnson,  Bonnie Argue, widow or Rev. Watson Argue, Marjie Tourville, wife of Rev. Stephen Tourville, Assemblies of God District Superintendent of Pennsylvania and Delaware,  Lillian Sparks, Director of the National Women's Ministries of the Assemblies of God.   

"A QUIET ESCAPE "  $5.00  *Reduced price* 

The J.D. Sumner Story - Inspirational Ground-breaker

as seen on the INSP Network 

J.D. Sumner, the greatest innovator in the history or gospel music. 

    Learn about this gospel music pioneer as friends Jake Hess, James Blackwood, George Younce, and many more. Daughters Shirley and Frances reveal insights that will give you new admiration for this inspirational ground breaker.

     Learn how J.D. used his God given talent to become the world’s lowest bass singer.           

     Find out why this amazing talent displayer a tough exterior while on the inside he natured a heart of gold.

     Follow his career path that stated in the poorest of conditions but raised him to such prominence that Elvis Presley called him, "Beloved Friend".

     See how his fertile mind led the way in the music industry and how his once “crazy ideas” have become the standard of the profession.

     Join with us as we share stories about a man who used inspired music and lyrics to point thousands of souls to Jesus Christ.

The J. D. Sumner Story - DVD $10.00  *Reduced price*


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