Picture Gallery


Our grandchildren - Summer 2012

Dylan, Davah, Devin, Micah, and Dane

Dane and Micah 






Davah and Micah

 Devin, Davah and Dylan









Dane,  Devin and Dylan 


Devin, Davah, Dylan


Micah and Davah


Devin, Dane, Micah, Davah and Dylan 


Down Memory Lane

James and Jimmy  Mim and Jimmy

James, Mim, and Jimmy taken in 1943 when the quartet was based

in San Diego, California during World War II.

James and Jimmy Mim, James, Jimmy   James and Jimmy 

James, Mim, and Jimmy 16 1/2 months old.     

                              Jimmy 1947        James & Jimmy                             

These pictures are from the KMA Guide which was published by

Radio Station KMA when the Blackwood family lived in 

Shenandoah, Iowa.  Jimmy was little Mr. New Year in 1947.

James helps Jimmy with his homework. 


Jr. Blackwood Brothers '64-'65

Junior Blackwood Brothers Quartet - 1964-65 Jimmy, R.W., Dean Brown, Everett Reece, Phil Enloe

Stamps Quartet '65-'66

J.D. Sumner and the Stamps Quartet - 1965 -'66 - Jimmy, Tony Brown, J.D., Donnie Sumner, Jim Hill

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